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Adaptability, Challenge and Skills

Based on my learning experiences and my values in life that followed from those, I developed a certain set of characteristics. Personally I hold an open, extrovert and spontaneous character which comes into play when working collaboratively for example. I believe that the many international activities I did and will be doing, contribute to these character traits and my personal values such as adaptability and challenge. Nevertheless, I sometimes find myself to be naïve and stubborn, which might be the result of my urge to adapt and to seek for challenges. I realized that my naivety occurs in situations that are completely new to me. Furthermore, my stubbornness occurs in moments of extreme challenge. If I notice these situations, I take a step back to avoid the effect of these character traits.


I value working in an experimental, iterative and multi-disciplinary environment. Working experimentally makes me spot my weaknesses or faults early in or during the process. As a result, I can build on these mistakes to develop a solid outcome. Because I like to work in iterations, I have taught myself to be tolerant for mistakes, to be respectful and understanding. I think disrespect, intolerance and inadaptability are a few of the biggest delay factors in the multi-disciplinary working environment. I perceive professionality as adapting to and understanding fellow colleagues and thereby stimulating their productivity and wellbeing. I believe that when the team grows, I grow. Clear communication and organization are vital for me because I experience it to create an effective and pleasant working environment.


I am a critical designer who dares to ask questions that matter. Not often am I put off by what the standard is and I do not keep quiet if I question this standard.

Professional Identity

As a designer

I have a vision on design

I love to see people who enjoy their jobs with their absolute unsalted enthusiasm. This motivates me to design products that provide this feeling. I believe the responsibility of a designer is to facilitate society with the design and surprising use of technologies. Additionally, designers create trends for people to work and live around, they create guidelines for society. This is where their huge value comes in. As work and life are getting merged more and more, opportunities in data-driven personalized offerings are emerging. In the work-environment, designers will create the foundation of this work-life balance by seeking for these opportunities. I valued my job in China because it was made more pleasurable by the products and services surrounding me, such as the plant partitioning or the Ahrend PuK. I want to design products that make one’s working environment a great environment to be in, wherever this may be.

Besides doing the actual projects,

I love showcasing the final results and my development.

Here I present my portfolio



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